Princeが2013年頃に使用していたギターVOX HDC-77がオークションに

プリンスが’13年頃に使用していたギターVOX HDC-77がオークションに出品されているようです。


オークションサイトRR AUCTIONに記載されてる情報は以下の通り

Prince’s personally-owned and -played VOX HDC-77 semi-hollow body electric guitar from the 3RDEYEGIRL era, featuring a colorful custom-made psychedelic graphic overlay sticker on the front, an image which features two sets of plump glowing lips. Prince used this particular guitar during his recording session at Powerplay Studios in Maur, Switzerland, in July 2013; after the session, Prince left his guitar behind in lieu of payment for the session. Andreas Kuhn, a noted analog audio technician, then received the guitar for his services in repairing the studio’s tape machine. Prince had spontaneously decided to record at Powerplay Studios after a concert in Montreux, only to find that its Studer A-800 multichannel tape machine was broken. He said he would return to record the next day, and Kuhn was summoned to the studio for an emergency repair. Kuhn managed to successfully fix the machine after a twelve-hour 'firefighting’ campaign, and it was ready by the time Prince returned. This episode was covered by the Berner Zeitung (a Swiss German-language newspaper), and in the Memoriav Bulletin of November 2013. Accompanied by a letter of provenance from the present owner, a friend of Andreas Kuhn who acquired the guitar from him.



一般的に有名なのは’12年9月22日行われたiHeartRadio Music Festivalでメアリー・J.ブライジと共演したパフォーマンスでしょう。

エステートがオークションに出品したのかと思ったら、上記文末に”Accompanied by a letter of provenance from the present owner, a friend of Andreas Kuhn who acquired the guitar from him.”と記載されているので、すでに他の人の手に渡っているギターだったんですね。

ただ気になるのが日付問題、上の文章では2013年の話をしてるけど、↓のPaisley Parkの記事にもある通り、2014年3月4日のアルセニオ・ホール・ショウでも使用してるんですよね。


My Name Is Princeでも飾られてたVOX

このギター”My Name Is Prince"展で飾られてるんですよね。