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Afshin Ashahidi[Photographer]

Prince was many things to many people. For me, he was a mentor, a business partner, a travel companion, a creative force, and a friend. For close to 8 years I spent almost more time with him than my family. He was a huge fan of Yara's, when her first film came out, Prince rented out the theatre three nights in a row and invited whoever he could to come see it with him. Just a few months back he sent her a message that he loves #Blackish and her character on it. He gave me my first opportunity as a photographer and after the first shoot that Keri and I did with him, he invited me on the road on his European tour. His passion for music is unparalleled, he would give the same amount of energy when playing in front of one person, that he would to a sold out stadium. There is so much more that I could say but most people have their version of Prince that means something significant to them. It's been a tough day, I still can't make sense of it but it warms my heart that there is such an outpouring of love from around the world for this truly unique person and artist. This is the first picture I took of Prince.

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Alice Smith(Coverd "ANOTHERLOVE")

Angie Stone(featuring "U Make My Sun Shine")

Ani Difranco(background vocals "Providence")


The Bangles(Produced by "Manic Monday")

Beverley Knight(featuring "Rock Steady")

Bonnie Raitt(original song "I Can't Make You Love Me")

Carlos Santana
Carole Davis(written by "Slow Love")

Celestina(Gest in "Black Sweat" VIDEO)

Celine Dion(Produced by "With This Tear")

(Curly Fryz)
(feat "Like A Mack")


Cindy Crawford(Inspirationd by "Cindy C")

Coco and Breezy(designd by 3rdEyewear)

Common(keyboards, guitar "Star *69 (PS With Love)")

Chuck D(featuring "Undisputed")

Damaris Lewis

Danielle "Dani" Curiel
(Curly Fryz)
(feat "Breakfast Can Wait" and "Like A Mack")

Deborah Allen(Produced by "Telepathy")
Dion Farris
(ex. Arrested Development)
(Inspirationd by "Dion")

Donatella Versace[Designer] (Present for "The Versace Experience")

I am shocked. I will love and miss you forever. Ciao, Donatella

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Earth Wind & Fire(Produced by "Super Hero")

Thank you #Prince

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El DeBarge(Produced by "Tip O' My Tongue")

Eryn Allen Kane

Esperanza Spalding(produce "We Are America")

EVE(featuring "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold")

#RIP #toosoon #PRINCE #icon #legend #innovator

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Frank McComb(36th NAACP Image Awards keybords)

The Golden Hippie
(Marissa Jack)
(featuring "Art Official Cage")

Gwen Stefani
(No Doubt)
(Produced by "Waiting Room")

Howard Hewett(Produced by "Allegiance")
Janelle Monáe(Remix by "Q.U.E.E.N")

Jeff Katz[Photographer]

Joan Osborne(original song "Oune Of Us")

Joni Mitchell
Justine Walpole[Photographer]

Our last shoot together 💜 Feb 2016 #prince #atpeace 🙏

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Kate Bush(Arranged by "Why should I love you?")
Keisha Castle-Hughes(Cast of "Cinnamon Girl")

Kenny Rogers(Written by "You're My Love")

Kid Creole And The Coconuts(Written by "The Sex Of It")
Kimberly ArlandKimberly Dionne (Graffiti Bridge)

Kristin Scott Thomas(Co-star in "Under the Cherry Moon")

Rest in peace friend.

Kristin Scott Thomas Officialさん(@kristinscottthomasofficial)が投稿した写真 -

Lenny Kravitz

Lianne La Havas

Liza Hernandez(Co-star in "3121 film")

Lois Lane
[Loïs Lane]
(Produced by "I Oh I", "Qualified", "Crying", "Sex")


He Changed The World!! A True Visionary. What a loss. I'm Devastated.🦄 This is Not A Love Song.

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Marc Baptiste[Photographer]

Martika(Produced by "Martika's Kitchen", "Spirit", "Don't Say U Love Me", "Don't Say U Love Me")

Mathieu Bitton[Photographer]

Mavis Swan Poole
Mica Paris(Written by "If I Love U 2 Nite")

MiLing Stone Poole(Inspirationd by "Little Red Corvette")

Monie Love(Produced by "Born 2 B.R.E.E.D","In A Word Or 2")

Nichole Nordeman(Coverd "What If")

Nicole Nodland[Photographer]

I am so very grateful for the time I had with him and the NPG. Heartbroken 💔

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Nicole Scherzinger("Live Out Loud Tour" Guest)

Its been a few days since our Prince has passed, but I needed some time to finally collect my broken heart and gather my thoughts...I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with some pretty special people throughout my life, but Prince, hands down, is the most phenomenal [or as we would've spelled it, fun-awe-man-all] human I've ever been blessed to know. One cannot put into words the godly talent, power and magic he possessed- both on and off the stage. The world will remember him as the legendary musician, humanitarian and activist who united people through the universal language of music. But I will remember him as my dear friend, a brother, mentor and my inspiration. Through his integrity, Prince taught me the importance of being true to myself in this industry and through his wisdom and love, he has fueled my purpose and vision. Prince once told me, “Anything we can think up, it can actually happen.” These words awaken and ignite the truth now more than ever. To quote from one of my favorite songs of his, “ sometimes it snows in April, sometimes I feel so bad, sometimes I wish life was never-ending, and all good things, they say, never last”…though you are no longer with us, your Legacy remains forever. Rest in the Heavenly Kingdom, Prince.

Nicole Scherzingerさん(@nicolescherzy)が投稿した写真 -

Nikka Costa(Song for "Rave Un 2 The Year 2000")

Nona Hendryx(Written by "Baby Go-Go")

(Co-star in "Graffity Bridge") (feat. "True Confessions")

Patti LaBelle(Produces by "Yo Mister"、"Love '89"、"I Here Your Voice")

Paula Abdul(Produced by "U")

Penélope Cruz(Inspirationd by "Valentina")

Peter Lodder(Photographer)

Pharrell Williams(Remix by "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold")

Q-Tip(feat "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold","Chocolate Box")
Robert Whitman[photographer]

Robert Whitman

Robin Power(Co-star in "Graffiti Bridge", "Sexy M.F.")

Sam Jennings[art director]

Sheena Easton
Sheryl Crow(Coverd "Everyday Is A Winding Road")

Stevie Nicks(Produced by "Stand Back")

Steve Parke[Photographer]
Stevie Wonder

Stella Blu अहिंसा(Illustration 3RDEYEGIRL.COM)

Terry Gydesen[photographer]

Terry Gydesen » Prince
Tevin Campbell

Troy Beyer(Co-star in "Sexy M.F.", "The Ryde Dyvine")

Van Gogh(produce "Van Gogh")


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