Alan LeedsR.I.P. to My Friend Prince
Alexander O’Neal

Anna Garcia
(aka Anna Fantastic)

Ann Nesby
(ex. Sound Of Blackness)

Apollonia Kotero
(Apollonia 6)

Brenda Bennett
(Vanity 6, Apollonia 6)
Brent Fischer
(Clare Fischer’s son)

Christian Scott
(featuring Somewhere Here On Earth)

Clare Fischer

Jana Anderson
(MPLS co-lead vocals)
Lala Escarzega
(featuring “Chocolate Box" MV)


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💔 I know I have already told you what you mean to me, but I could say it again a thousand times and words would never measure up. I know that you would not even want me to acknowledge this moment. And anyone close to you knows that too. To the world, you are one thing, but to me, you were my home. You were the one who turned on the light in me. You were the one who brought me back to basics. As if I were in a dark room, you were the one who turned on the light so I could see. You made me realize who I really was. You made me self aware in a spiritual and profound way. You inspired me and amazingly, you told me that I inspired you. I started to call you Yoda, because of all I learned from you. I always told you that you were a Master of your art and an artist in every sense of the word. You define “artist." You taught me how important it was to fight for your beliefs and you were never afraid. You fiercely fought against the music industry giants and taught me WHY it was so important to you when the rest of the world didn’t understand your ways. I have never met anyone more courageous, more magical, more intelligent and I have never met anyone who made me laugh so much. Most people did not know that about you… How funny you were. You have given me gems of memories filled with laughter and love. More than that, you were my best friend. We shared moments that only you and I could appreciate. -That is dear to my heart. I know you loved me, no matter what anybody told me then or now. Everything you did was with meaning. And I loved that about you. You wasted no “time". Every moment was a story. Every conversation was rich and intriguing. You had many friends but few were close to you and I am honored that I was one. We fought… But we always would reconcile. You would tell me that I reminded you of your mother. And I would tell you that you reminded me of my sister lol, (endearingly). Friends come & go, but I told you that I knew you were someone that I would always know… you smiled and said… “That’s right, I WILL always know you." You are a forever thing and forever in my heart. I miss you. I love you. I will always know you.

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(featuring “Boytrouble")

Manuelathank you everyone for the condolences and kind… – Manuela Testolini
Mint Condition


…we would jokingly refer to you as “Uncle P", today, we call you G.O.A.T, period. We Love You.

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Nooky Jones
Ruth Violette

Sounds of Blackness

Sue Ann Carwell

Timotha Lanae

Tyka Nelson

Betsy Hodges
(Mayor of Minneapolis)

プリンスは私たちの一部だった ミネアポリスからの哀悼

Jesse Ventura
(38th Governor of Minnesota)

First Avenue

Timber Wolves

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota United FC

Minnesota Vikings

A legend lost way too soon. #RIPPrince

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Minnesota Wild

University of Minnesota

[CBS Minnesota]

Lowry Ave. Bridge