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9/13にFirst Avenueで開催されたNEW POWER GENERATIONのライブ(セットリスト有り)

日本時間の9月14日、午前10時過ぎ位かららNew Power Generationのライブがミネアポリスの"聖地"First Avenueで開催されました😄



  • Tony M. (rap, guitar)
  • Damon Dickson (background vocals)
  • Tommy Barbarella (keyboards)
  • Sonny T. (bass)
  • Levi Seacer, Jr. (bass,rhythm guitar)
  • Mr.Hayes [aka Morris Hayes] (Organ,Synths & Vox)

メイン・ヴォーカルはMacKenzie、来日公演にも同行してくれたミント・コンディションHomer O'dell (guitar)、ドラムはカークの代わり(?)にChris Bailey (drum)が参加。

ホーン隊はNPG HornzのKeith Anderson (saxophone)+初代NPG Hornzから

  • Michael B. Nelson [aka Mike Nelson] (Trombone)
  • Steve Strand (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
  • Kenni Holmen (Saxophone)

ゲストにはMayte (vocal)、マッケンジーの奥さんApollo Jane (vocal)、そしてミネアポリス在住のCobi (vocal, guitar)が参加してます。



  1. The New Power Generation
  2. Sexy MF
  3. Love 2 The 9’s
  4. Max (feat. Mayte)
  5. Arrogance
  6. Cream
  7. Sign O' The Times
  8. U Got The Look
  9. Tomy's Piano Medoley (Venus De Milo / How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore? / When 2 R In Love / Condition Of The Heart)
  10. Nothing Compares 2 U (feat.Apollo Jane)
  11. Diamonds & Pearls (feat.Apollo Jane)
  12. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
  13. Willing And Able
  14. Deuce & A Quarter
  15. Call The Low
  16. Daddy Pop
  17. 7 (feat. Mayte)
  18. Love…Thy Will Be Done
  19. 2gether
  20. Jughead
  21. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (feat.Cobi)
  22. Live 4 Love (feat.Cobi)
  23. DMSR
  24. Get Wild (feat. Mayte)
  25. Good Life
  26. The Morning Papers (feat. Mayte)
  27. The Cross
  28. Get Off
  29. 1999
  30. Purple Rain
  31. Kiss
  32. The Sacrifice Of Victor


映画『Purple Rain』の舞台でもあった聖地”First Avenue”での開催とあって熱気プンプン、メンバーも地元開催とあってホーン隊も含め大人数・・・やっぱ日本でこの人数は呼べないですよねぇ。

オープニングは来日公演と同じ"The New Power Generation"~"Sexy M.F."。


渋い”Arrogance”そして"Cream"の後に演奏されてた”Sign O' The Timesと"U Got The Look"が抜けてるのは本当残念...まぁ序盤30分以上は画質が落ちたり固まったりしてたんでしょうがないかな(´д`)



メドレーが終わるとアポロ・ジェーンとの夫婦デュエットで”Nothing Compares 2 U”~”Diamonds & Pearls”ここも素敵でした。

メロディアスな曲が続いた後は来日と同じくトニーMとディモンによる”Deuce & A Quarter”~"Call The Low"でアゲアゲ状態!


プリンスも好きだったマルティカのカヴァー"Love…Thy Will Be Done"はちょっと意外な選曲(個人的には好きなんで◎)から数曲続いてコビーが登場。
”Place Of Your Man”と”Live 4 Love”のカヴァーはカッコ良かったし、コビー、リーヴァル、ホマー3人のギタリスト共演も良かったです!

後半も"Get Wild"で上げたかと思ったら”The Morning Papers”~"The Cross"でしっとり、また"Gett Off"で上げるとジェットスターの様でした!

アンコールは無かったけどラストには”The Sacrifice Of Victor”で締めるなんて「Love Symbol」みたいな終わり方でした。




"One And Only"のプリンスの代わりをマッケンジーに重ねるのは酷ですし、そこを求めようとは思ってないです。




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Prince began banning Star Tribune music critic Jon Bream from many of his concerts  in 1990 when he was made to leave the Glam slam before Prince would take the stage. He thought he was unfair in his criticisms and that he went out of his way to be insulting. In January, Bream attended one of the NPG's shows and told me that MacKenzie was a "great find" and was "really special." He even commented on a local radio show that the NPG concert was the best surprise of the Super Bowl week. But Bream returned to his early snarky approach of focusing  not on the music but on other elements of the show - such as the clothes worn by the band - in his review of Thursday's First Avenue show.  So, check it out, the NPG "were entertaining" and "Prince might have appreciated their selection of more than 30 songs from his catalog, the funkiness of the band, the cameo performances of dancer Mayte ... and the overall entertainment value of the ... generous, 2 hour-and-40 minute NPG show at First Avenue." But he still found away to spread negativity by sprinkling his review with statements like, "the band lacked focus, leadership and a wardrobe worthy of Paisley Park." 🤔 "MacKenzie is the tallest guy on the stage." 🤭 The show started on time (Egads!) 😯 The drummer forgot to remove his 'All Access pass' from around his neck before the show started! 😜 The show wasn't emotional.(What?!) 🙄  And the band "lacks an obvious leader." (Maybe because in these particular shows, the band is paying homage to their 'leader' who passed away.) Oh - Bream does think MacKenzie "can sing soulfully, with a nice falsetto and piercing scream" but .... he described him as "guitarless" as if that was a fault. 🤣 (That said, he also complained there were too many guitar players in the show.) These musicians deserved a glowing review that did not focus on petty non-musical elements ~ Jill Read it for yourself here: http://www.startribune.com/npg-doesn-t-live-up-to-princely-standards-at-pay-per-view-first-avenue-show/493275871/

The New Power Generationさん(@theoriginalnpg)がシェアした投稿 -


(今回は抜け落ちてたライブ動画を補正、再アップされたので期間が伸びて09/17/18 10:35 AMまで)



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